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Nicole Bramwell, MD, MBA

Just a short note to say thank you to Dr. Green and her weight loss program. For about 15 years, I have had to take multiple medications in addition to exercise and eating what I thought was a good diet. However, the diet was still not good for me since I have Metabolic Syndrome with high triglycerides and abnormal blood sugar, “not quite diabetes but very close”. Exercise never helped me lose my belly because the metabolic syndrome and abnormal use of insulin by my body with carbohydrate intake just kept depositing fat to my belly.

I am happy to say that now with the loss of 13 pounds, minimal carb intake and only one medication my triglycerides dropped from over 400 to 62 in 3 months, my body fat percentage decreased by 7%, my cholesterol is below 200 and my good cholesterol (HDL) is 47 and a normal blood sugar; the highest it has ever been.

Now I can exercise without the frustration of having toned arms and legs and butt with a big belly. This plan really works. I don’t crave rice and other carbs like before; honestly, I don’t miss them. I am now a size 8 from a size 10 and everyone, including me say I look great.

Thank you sooooooo much, Dr. Green. Keep helping others find out how fabulous and healthy they can feel and look with this plan for life.


Several months after having my third child, my husband and I agreed our family was complete. I wanted my pre-baby figure back! I was hopeful that with watching what I ate and increasing my exercise that I would shed the extra pounds. Unfortunately, this did not work and I wondered if I would ever be back to a size 8 again.

As you may know, there are so many weight loss programs advertised, many of which are “gimmicks”, that are constantly being advertised. As a physician, I was skepticaI about things that are just “too good to be true”. I wanted something that was scientifically sound, safe, effective, and would produce results in a reasonable amount of time.

I was convinced after speaking with Dr. Green and seeing her own personal results that this was the right program for me. I started the program and felt great. I saw results immediately within the first week. I lost a total of 40 pounds in 12 weeks and dropped down from a size 14 to a size 6, even better than what I hoped for! I actually enjoy shopping for clothes now. I am healthy and feel great!

I am so thankful for Dr. Green and the medically sound services she provides. I would recommend her program without reservation. Please do not waste your time or your money with other programs.

lka A. Fahey, M.D.

Diplomate, American Board of Urgent Care Medicine


Cured of High Blood Pressure Cholesterol down 14, Triglycerides down 119 Lost 100 lbs and 68.5 body fat

Cured of High Blood Pressure Cholesterol down 14, Triglycerides down 119 Lost 100 lbs and 68.5 body fat

Michele Finley

Cured of Diabetes Cholesterol down 50, Triglycerides down 127 Lost 43 lbs in 90 days!

This program is awesome. I have lost 41 lbs and 32 lbs of that was all fat. It is easy to follow and it has changed my life. I not only look healthier my blood work shows I am healthier every day. Dr. Green helped me more than any other plan. I am still continuing on my journey to better health.”

Daily Cleanse Detox relieved my constipation and gastroesophageal reflux. All my stomach issues are gone thanks to Detox.

Cindy Gulledge

Cured of High Blood Pressure Cholesterol down 21, Triglycerides down 133 Lost 25 lbs, 8 inches in waist in 90 days!

This is the day and place where I met Dr. Green and Christy, a community health event. Who would have known, it was going to be a turning point in my weight and health management. I feel great, my weight is dropping and my body is actually

re-shaping. My blood pressure has stabilized and I am grateful for their guidance.

Gwen Bennett Gray

“After being unemployed for almost 18 months, I was gaining too much weight, was depressed, and felt horrible. I knew I had to make a change. My daughter was worried for my health and pushed me to start the Visalus 90 Day Challenge. My daughter works with Dr. Green and The Orlando Institute of Weight Management & Metabolic Medicine. It literally saved my life. I replaced 2 meals a day with shakes and eat 1 healthy meal prescribed by Dr. Green. I lost 50lbs in 90 days and I have kept it off for over a year. I have my life back.”

Mike Sheppard

A Previous Success Story

Case Stats

Mary I.

Age: 49

Occupation: Mary Kay Consultant


Weight: 231 lbs.

Body Fat: 51.4%

Current … and still losing!

Weight: 188 lbs.

Body Fat: 39%

The Journey of Being over 40 and Having a baby …

I love my life! I have never had weight issues until my 40’s though. I was blessed to have my last child at age 42. My figure was not so much blessed. I struggled with weight from this point on. I actively worked out at the YMCA. I ate good food, skipped fast foods. I didn’t drink sodas. I like water!

So what needed to change? I was doing everything I had read to do in this 7 years ordeal! Well, it was February 2012, and in walks Dr. Allison Green. She was at a school event. I had heard about her work in childhood obesity. Just how had she helped these other people I knew change their weight? I was curious, but very skeptical. Could she really help me?

I made an appointment. I asked tons of questions. I Googled everything! I started April 12th and by then end of July, I went from an 18 W to a size 10. It was just a pound a week, but I not only lost the pounds, my body reshaped itself. My wedding dress from 10 years before was very loose, yet my “pounds” were more than when I wore this dress. I lost that FAT and kept my curvy figure. I am still shocked by my progress.

Today, well, I am back to my pre-baby self! I have no headaches, tons of energy and the admiration of my family. I look in the mirror and recognize the face looking back at me! I smile – and think….hum, who needs to hear this? Maybe you? I know my life is changed forever.

~ Mary I.

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