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Childhood Obesity Program
KID’S HEALTH PROGRAM for Pediatric Obesity with Dr. Allison Haughton-Green
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weight fast
Customized Weight Loss Program with individualized and concise regiment of nutritional supplements and moderate exercise.
Preventing & Controlling Diseases
Recent studies find that individuals that have “belly fat” are at risk for early death than those without this tendency.

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Dr. Allison Haughton-Green
I am Dr. Allison Haughton-Green, a board certified pediatrician and clinical bariatrician. I help prevent, and more importantly, reverse obesity related diseases.

I am in my 50s and a proud mother of twins.

As this year moves forward, I would like to share my story with you in the hopes that this will be your year, as 2008 was mine, a mixture of great health and weight loss.
Do you believe that your weight gain is your fault?
For over 30 years, I struggled with being overweight. I blamed myself for my obesity, thinking that it was my fault.

After years of research, I realized that it was not my fault. When you join The Orlando Institute family, we focus on removing your guilt, shame and pain.

I will address the root cause of your weight gain. You will discover why it's not your fault, and have the joy of permanent weight loss!

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