It’s Your Turn 

Now is the time to meet with Dr. Green for your customized weight management program. Dr. Green works with you one on one to develop the right nutritional and supplement requirements to reach your weight loss and health goals. Because everyone is different and is facing unique challenges in their life or in their health or both Dr. Green develops specific goals and treatments for each individual based on those challenges. Some patients are just looking to lose a few pounds, some have health issues because of weight and struggle with cravings and non working diets.

Dr. Green is changing lives one patient at a time – meeting the needs of her patients with Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Belly Fat, Fatigue, Cardiovascular Disease, Insomnia and helping parents with kids that are obese or suffer from ADHD. Our diet plays a key role in EVERYTHING in our lives from the way we feel and how how body cures itself. Contact Dr. Green for your Weight Management Program. Here’s how the program works:


 Customized WEIGHT & HEALTH program




In your initial evaluation, you will receive an extensive medical examination by Dr. Green or one of her colleagues here at the center. It will include a detailed physical, a complete metabolic laboratory panel and an EKG. Additionally, you will receive an individualized and concise regiment of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise, appetite suppressants and/or fillers.

Customized Weight Loss Program

Restore your proper insulin levels and restrict your diet for rapid, safe weight loss. During the Educational Step, you will be re-introduced to healthy carbohydrates in preparation for the final step. Permanent Lifestyle Change, the final step, is structured so you will maintain your goal weight.

  • Medical consultation, physical exam and laboratory testing
  • Nutritional plan proven to burn fat and curb cravings
  • Safe and effective appetite suppressants
  • Supplemental injections
  • Exercise program goals
  • Weekly monitored visits



Learning Phase

  • Weekly supervision and guidance
  • Supplemental injections
  • Introduction to healthy lifestyle



Long-term lifestyle change to maintain goal weight

  • Continued support and guidance
  • Supplemental injections
  • Ongoing lifestyle training
  • Monthly monitored visits


Featured Services

  • Clinical Bariatrics
  • Metabolic Medicine
  • Detailed Physical & EKG
  • Metabolic Lab Panel
  • Custom Meal Plans


  • Childhood Obesity
  • Healthy Supplements
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Custom Blend Facial Creams

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