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From: Dr. Allison Haughton-Green aka “The Hope Doctor


Hello there, my name is Dr. Haughton-Green and I’m thrilled to share the Platinum Metabolic Life Plan with you! This MEDICALLY designed program has EVERYTHING you need to LOSE FAT fast and most importantly KEEP it off …..FOR LIFE!

The Platinum Metabolic Life Plan is a result of years of research of the human body’s metabolic system and how insulin reacts to food intake and stores FAT. In fact, I have personally used the program for my own weight loss and for my son who has special needs and is a very picky eater! In 3 months, without doing any exercise, I lost 36 pounds of fat, went from size 14 to size 4, and most importantly, cured myself of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine headaches, knee and ankle pain, infertility, polycystic ovarian disease, insomnia, and anxiety.

I started my son on the program and after only 3 months (90 days), his percentage of body fat, fasting insulin, HA1C, cholesterol, and blood pressure normalized. Without any exercise, he lost 18 lbs. of fat, his pants size went from size 14 waist to size 10!

I designed the Platinum Metabolic Life Plan for everyone who is overweight and has tried and tried to lose weight only to put it all back on. When you think about it, God made our bodies to be able to process food efficiently and effectively to give us the energy and sustenance that we need. It is our responsibility to honor our temples and fill them with goodness. There IS an easy way that you can LOSE FAT and regain your vitality. You DESERVE to enjoy life. Let me help you!

At the Orlando Institute of Weight Management, we are driven by a desire to create healthy, energized human beings who can have active, fulfilling lives that make a difference in the world




 “I did everything Dr. Green told me to do
and it worked like magic”

“Dr. Green had a weight management seminar at my church. That evening I was not able to attend her seminar due to a conflict of having to attend another meeting at the same time at our church. After leaving our meeting that night; Dr. Green was in the parking lot and I had the wonderful opportunity to introduce myself and meet this wonderful, delightful physician. I was very interesting in nutrition counseling – learning how to eat healthy since my metabolism was at an all-time low. I had to make some changes in my diet due to a medical condition I have and it is hereditary in my Family. Since under the care of Dr. Green for only two weeks; I am overjoyed I have lost 13 lbs in only two weekswhich includes pounds; fat mass and fat percentage. I feel more energized, happier with a new attitude about eating what is right for my body. Each week I meet with my coach Jodi. She reviews my food diary to ensure I am remaining on track and the motivation is at an all-time high. I have the opportunity to discuss questions with Dr. Green in the office or by email. This attribute is great for guidance. My health is very important to me and I have placed it has a priority. I thank God for Dr. Green and my coach Jodi for assisting me in changing my eating habits and choosing the right foods to prevent further inflammation in my body. I highly recommend Dr. Green if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Green & Staff for helping me remain healthy and a happier me!!!”

Miyoshi M.

Are you tired of juggling life’s responsibilities while making time for exercise and trying diets that just don’t work? Are you battling fatigue, dragging through your day, feeling guilty when you binge and getting more depressed? You WILL NEVER NEED another diet or program again! The Platinum Metabolic Life Plan is an ALL NATURAL and HOLISTIC WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM……that Works For Life!

Don’t Stay On The Hamster Wheel of Sugar & Carbs!

Do You Know How Your Body Stores Fat?

Fat Storing Cycle

Step 1: Foods high in sugar/carbs cause the pancreas to make insulin to reduce the sugar.

Step 2: When there is too much sugar, there is an OVERLOAD. There is only a certain number of receptors where the glucose can enter the cells. The cells become resistant to insulin and stop working.

Step 3: The body cannot lower the sugar. Glucose builds up in the bloodstream. Sugar stores it as fat.

Step 4: You feel tired, hungry and you crave carbs.

The Cycle Starts Again.

Have you tried everything else & nothing works?

YOU have the power to change that with the Platinum Metabolic Life Plan!

TAKE ACTION NOW! You will LOVE the Platinum Metabolic Life Plan:

Medical Assessments

One on One Attention

Nutritional Education that will be used for the rest of your life

Easy to follow eating plans

Convenient shopping lists and meal plans

Delicious and quick recipes


Support & Encouragement from your Coach

Required supplements your body needs


So what are you waiting for?


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YES! You CAN achieve massive weight loss,

increased energy and optimum health!

Yes, I Am Ready Dr.Green

“Answer From God….”

I know Dr. Green from church but was not aware of what field of medicine she was in. When I went to the seminar and listened to Dr. Green, I felt like it was an answer from God to bring health and wellness into my home. I took a leap of faith and signed up with Dr. Green and it is working! God is so good! My  1st week I got sick with a nasty bug that was going around so was only able to do the program partially, but guess what? I STILL LOST 6 lbs!  Then my 2nd week, I went on a cruise and well you know I did try to be good as much as I could but was only able to partially stick to what Dr. Green had prescribed. Imagine my delight and surprise when I weighed in after my 2nd week and found that I had lost 4.4lbs of fat! So if I can do this with the challenges that I have had and STILL have success, so can you. I will be continuing to work with Dr. Green and I can’t wait to see the results for next week now that I am fully doing the program! I’m determined, with God’s help, to bring health and wellness into my home and stick with it! Thank you Dr. Green!” Dorothy P.

Do you want to keep trying diet fads, visiting doctors and taking medication with no results….. or, you can Take Action Now and acquire the knowledge and tools to GET THIN AND HEALTHY NOW!

Imagine how it will feel to BE thin and fit into those beautiful clothes at the back of your closet! Imagine how it will feel to have more energy and walk into work with confidence and with unstoppable energy! Get More Done. Enjoy the attention of your loved ones and colleagues!  Don’t Wait, you can get started TODAY!

Is Just What I’ve Been Looking For

Very Special Introductory Price

Comprehensive 12 week Plan includes:

Extensive Medical Evaluation – $450

Bloodwork and lab analysis, measurements, BMI, blood pressure, EKG and medical skin assessment, family history, prior weight management solutions that you have tried & specific medical conditions that make dieting difficult.

Nutritional Counseling            – $497

Nutritional education the drug & food industries do not want you to know. You will learn medical principles for great health that can be used for the rest of your life!

Individualized Meal Plan – $297

Based on your unique blood type, family history, medical conditions & allergies, that will support & maximize your fat loss.

Weekly visits with Dr. Green  – $995

üIndividual medical visits and weigh in with Dr. Green or OIWM Wellness Coach each week to assess your medical health, weight loss & fat loss, blood pressure levels and other critical health checks to ensure your optimal health and safe weight loss management.


Pro-Health Packs – $ 300       

Custom-Made Booster Injections – $600

DNS Insulin Control – $135

Hydroxy Fat Burner – $150

Magnesium/Potassium – $60


TOTAL:                      $3,484


1 PAY OPTION $2,275   YOUSAVE $1,209 


3 PAY OPTION $2,375   YOU SAVE $1,109

$ 1,095 1st Month  |  $ 640  2nd Month  | $ 640  3rd Month




After you submit your payment for the Platinum Metabolic Life Plan, you will receive an email with all the details, forms to fill out and directions to book your 1st appointment. Here’s To Your Successful Weight Loss & New Healthy Life!

“Do Yourself A Favor And Work With Dr. Green”

Tonja W.

Do you believe that you deserve to be

THIN, HEALTHY & SUPER ENERGIZED?! If so then this is the time to step up and EMPOWER yourself to TAKE ACTION!

The Platinum Metabolic Life Plan will give you EVERYTHING you need to LOSE fat fast and permanently!

Don’t let another minute go by getting depressed,

feeling guilty and depriving yourself of delicious foods.

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Allison Haughton-Green
(AKA the Hope Doctor) 

God cares, cares right down to the last detail. James 5:1

P.S This is up to you. If you TAKE ACTION, you will see get the results you want, but if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting the same results you always have.

P. S. S This is a challenge!! Action is required and you will be asked to stretch out of your comfort zone! This is not another useless diet! This is a MEDICALLY PROVEN program administered under a doctor’s supervision and YOU WILL achieve massive weight loss, increased health and vitality and will RID your body of obese related illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

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