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The Only All Natural and Holistic Weight Management Program That Works... For Life!



$250.00 $197.00

An in depth Personal Medical Assessment to ascertain the cause of your health challenges. Dr. Green discusses the results and treatment options with you.



  • Review Past Medical History
  • Review Family History
  • Measure Neck and Abdomen
  • Calculate Basal Metabolic Index
  • Calculate  Fat Mass
  • Calculate Body Fat Percentage
  • Measure your Blood Pressure
  • Complete a Medical Skin Assessment
  • Discuss Medical Conditions (that make weight loss difficult)
  • Results Analysis & Recommendations

Get your questions answered and truly understand how Metabolic Medicine works for your unique metabolism. Everyone has their own DNA and each person’s metabolism and lifestyle works differently for weight loss.

Have a medical doctor evaluate your results and recommend the best medical protocol for fast, effective weight loss and optimal health.

#OIWM is passionately committed to the fight against obesity and help make the world a healthier place, one person at a time!

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